WesTex Run'nGun
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Station photos

Stage 1 Triple Threat

Three silhouette targets are arrayed on the hillside across from the shooter at distances from 200 to 250. The targets are colored Red, White and Blue from left to right. Targets are shot once each in that order and then the sequence is repeated for a total of 6 shots. The shooter will shoot from a prone position with no more than a sling as an aid. Average maximum time is three minutes. Six hits required.

Stage 2 The Red, White and Blue

The shooter will start with a holstered handgun. They will shoot the red target, then flip six white paddles from one side of the tree to the other. Then shoot the blue plate once, the red plate once and then flip six paddles to the other side. Finally the shooter will move forward to the next shooting position, go prone and shoot the blue target once through the barrel to stop the clock. The pattern is red, white(6), blue, red, white(6), & blue. When shooting the dueling tree the paddles must move completely from one side to the other to count. Average maximum time is two minutes. 16 hits required.

Stage 3 Defend the Dam

Six targets are set downrange with two additional white discs as back ups. The shooter will shoot each of the six targets once. Beginning with the leftmost pair. Then the two orange above the dam. Followed by two of the white discs below the dam.  A single hit on each target is required with the time stopping when the last target is hit. A total of 6 shots are required on this stage.
Shooters will shoot from inside the designated area in the trench. Any position is allowed as long as no part of the shooter's body is outside the marked area. Average maximum time of 2 minute 30 seconds. Six hits required.

Stage 4 High Angle Hunting

This station consists of 4 targets and 4 shooting positions. The shooter will begin in the #1 spot. The shooter will engage the targets in pairs from each position and will move with a safe rifle from location to location while on the clock. From position #1 and #2 the red targets must be hit once each. From positions #3 and #4 the white targets must be hit once each. The targets will always be engaged left to right to aid in RO identification of hits. The shooter may unsafe and begin shooting at each position as soon as they are within the marked area for each location. Average maximum time of four minutes. Eight hits required.

Stage 5 Long Range Pairs

Six targets are set with a pair at 200, 300, and 400 yards. Each target is shot left then right closest to furthest. The shooter may assume any position and use any aid they desire as long as they do not leave the designated area. All shooters will start in a standing position at the start point. Hits will be verified by the ROs on station with spotting scopes.Average maximum time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Eight hits required.

Bonus Station

All runners will check in at the bonus station. Once there you will have the choice of continuing to run with no penalty or you may attempt the station for a potential reward of time off your total shooting time.
A single tear drop target is placed at 250 yards and must be hit with a single shot from an offhand position. You will be allowed only one shot within the 30 second time limit. A missed shot will result a 5% penalty added to your shooting time. A hit will earn you a 5% reduction in shooting time.

Stage 6 Battlefield pickup

Upon arriving at this stage you will be provided a shotgun and shotshells for use. You will start with an unloaded shotgun and 5 loose rounds. You will load and engage the 5 red targets from left to right. Then move to the next position. You will then shoot the 6 white targets with your handgun from left to right. A final shot on the blue tank will end the time. If you should miss any shotgun targets you will be given the chance to shoot the missed red target with your handgun before shooting the white targets.  Targets are approximately 20 to 25 yards. Average maximum time of 2 minutes. Seven handgun rounds total.

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