WesTex Run'nGun
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Course Description

Start to #1 (1.25 miles)

Leaving the pavilion you will run down the road, through the gate in the fence corner. The trail across the creek will be flagged to get you to the road. You will follow the road along the fence and into the valley. Station 1 will be directly adjacent to the road.

#1 - 2 (1.55 miles)

Leaving station 1 you return to the road. Continue down the road. When you come to a fork in the road, take the right hand road. Station 2 is directly adjacent to the road.

#2 - 3 (1.85 miles)

At the exit from station 2 you will follow the road until you see the sign for station 3. Then follow the flags off road to the painted waiting area.

#3 - 4 (2.20 miles)

The road from 3 climbs steeply up the hillside to station 4. A sign will direct you off the road to the check in for station 4. 

#4 - 5 (3.4 miles)

Follow the road around the curve. Flagging will take you off the road and on to a marked trail. You will go over the fence at the marked location. Follow the fence line and flagging cross country to station 5.

#5 - Bonus (3.6 miles)

Follow the flags cross country out of the bonus station. You will go down a small ravine and up the other side. The bonus station is on a clearing on top of a hill next to a lone Juniper tree. Even if you do not shoot the bonus station you must go all the way to it.

Bonus - #6 (4 miles)

Leaving the bonus station you will follow the flags cross country and downhill to station 6. 

#6 - Finish (4.7 miles)

Follow the flags down the clearing to the creek. A creek crossing will be marked for you to get across. From there you will look toward the fence ahead and to the left. There will be flags on a dead tree marking where the trail is along the fence. From there follow the fence line downstream and then up the hill. Go through the gate and keeping the fence to your left return to the pavilion. Then check in to record your official run time.

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