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Event and Registration

The event is currently set for February 2-3, 2018 with a backup date of Feb 16-17 should the earlier date need to be postponed due to hazardous weather conditions. Upon arrival you will sign a release, get your cabin assignment and draw a playing card to determine your place in the run order. Registration is $180 and includes the event as well as two nights stay in the onsite bunk houses, T Shirt, Fri dinner, Sat breakfast, and Sat night steak dinner. Bunkhouses are without linens and towels, so bring your own. You may upgrade to a motel unit or family cabin when you arrive and a $15 credit will be applied out of your $170 fee. Range officers pay half price and will run the course on Friday. All other participants will run the course on Saturday. All participants are invited to come out as early as Thursday to acclimate to the elevation, use the onsite range to verify zero and take advantage of local attractions and hiking. Onsite range will only be available Thursday and possibly Friday evening as it is located in the middle of the course and so must be closed for safety when people are running. There is a Friday pasta dinner and Saturday dinner in the dining hall included with registration.

Before participating, a liability release stating the inherent dangers of the event and holding Prude Ranch harmless will need to be signed. Safe handling of firearms and adherence to the rules is each individual’s responsibility. Unsafe behavior may disqualify you from participating.

Registration is open Oct 1st. Email Bruce Davis Bruce@westexrun-n-gun.com with any questions. After registration is opened you may phone in your reservation to 432-426-3201 and pay with check or credit card.  Checks will be payable to Prude Ranch and mailed to same at PO Box 1907, Fort Davis, Texas 79734. Slots will only be reserved when payment is received.


Last years course was approximately 5 miles. This distance included over 500 feet in elevation gain through steep rocky terrain. There were 7 stations including a handgun station and a shotgun station with a provided Remington 870. This course will be modified and stations changed around to provide a new and varied challenge for competitors. Participants should still expect a course length close to 5 miles. See the course photos and station photo pages for pictures and descriptions of the 2016 course.

The 2018 course will have 7 stations and be approximately 5 miles long. Targets will be out to 400 yards with optional targets at 500.

There is a minimum caliber of 5.56 for rifles and 9mm for handguns. Rifle shots will be out to 400 yards with the majority of shots inside 300 yards. Stations include a variety of shooting positions and will involve some high angle shots. Each stage will have a mandatory magazine change for semi auto shooters. Half of the points will be based on your run time and half for your shooting.  You shooting scores are determined by the elapsed time to hit all targets.  All targets must be hit in the time allowed to receive points.

There will be range officer at each station who will explain the course of fire and give the command to load and fire. Time waiting if any at each station along with your score will be recorded by one of the range officers. While traveling between stations the rifle must have an open chamber and no magazine inserted. This will be checked at arrival and departure of each station. Runners caught with a loaded rifle outside of a station will be disqualified. Pistols can be carried loaded but must remain holstered when not in use.

Participant Rules

50% of Scoring will be based on run time and 50% on shooting time. Wait time if any will be deducted at the end of the run. 

Shooting score is curved amongst shooters. There is no limit on the number of shots allowed within the time limit.

Hits will be called by a range officer. Do not advance to next target if a hit has not been called.

Minimum caliber of 5.56 for rifle and 9mm for handguns. No steel core ammo allowed due to target damage.

Rifles will be remain unloaded until the RO instructs you to load. Rifles will be shown clear at the beginning and end of every stage. A loaded rifle outside of designated area is an immediate disqualification.

Pistols may be carried loaded as long as they are holstered and only unholstered when instructed.

Any optics and equipment allowed on rifle. The stage will dictate allowed accessories. Participants are welcome to carry any gear they think they can make use of.

Hearing protection is mandatory on all stages. Eye protection is mandatory on pistol stations. 

All Range Officer decisions and directions are to be followed while on the course.

The course will be marked with orange survey tape and flags. Do not deviate from the set course. Intentional deviation will result in disqualification.

All gear must be carried for the entire course. No outside aid will be provided except in an emergency. Any gear left on the course will be considered abandoned.

Any behavior deemed unsafe by a staff member or RO may lead to disqualification. 

Maximum listed times for each station are guidelines that indicate the lowest possible score for the station. If time has elapsed and the course of fire is not complete the RO may allow the shooter to continue shooting.

However if there are other participants waiting the RO may stop the shooter to aid in the smooth flow of the competition. 

What to bring

When running this course no outside aid will be provided and all gear must be carried for the entirety of the course. You may not abandon gear along the way even if you decide you do not need it. Below is a recommended minimum packing list of gear to bring in addition to your rifle and handgun, but it is the responsibility of each and every participant to decide what they require. Should you experience a problem with your rifle that you cannot fix on the course you will not have a chance to rerun the course.

  • 6 oz of water per mile of the course. No water will be available at the stations.

  • Eye and ear protection. Ear protection is mandatory on all stations and eye protection is mandatory on handgun/shotgun stations.

  • Weapon maintenance tools. Cleaning rod, broken case extractor, lubricant, etc. Whatever you need to fix a problem that may otherwise render your firearm inoperable.

  • Ammunition. Ammo counts will be posted closer to the event. Bringing double the required ammunition is suggested. (No steel core ammo is allowed due to possible damage to targets. If ammo is suspect it will be given the magnet test.)

  • A sling for your rifle and holster for your handgun.

  • A basic first aid kit.

  • Backpack to carry your gear in.

  • Appropriate clothing. The weather that time of year can be very cold or very warm and there is lots of spiny brush and cacti along the trail.

  • Stopwatch: Carrying your own stopwatch will allow you to double check any wait time with the range officers.

More questions?  You can email me or call my office. bruce@westexrun-n-gun.com, phone 432-426-4407.
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